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ALDA Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for enthusiastic, visionary, and dedicated individuals for state ballot positions.  These positions include:


Public Policy Coordinator (PPC)

House of Delegates-Elect

State Policy Representative-Elect (SPC-Elect)

Chair-Elect of the Council on Professional Issues (COPI-Elect)

Nominating Committee Member (Central Region)

Nominations are also being accepted for the following awards:

Outstanding Dietitian of the Year (one from each district will be submitted to the Academy)

Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year (one from each district will be submitted to the Academy)

Emerging Dietetic Leader

Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year

Outstanding Dietetic Educator (one from each type of program will be selected: Coordinated Program, Dietetic Internship, and Didactic Program). 

Outstanding Dietetic Student (one from each type of program will be selected: Coordinated Program, Dietetic Internship, and Didactic Program). 

Scholarship and Outstanding Senior Awards will be distributed by the Scholarship Committee at a later date.

ALDA members are asked to submit their candidates to their respective district president. 

Completed nomination forms for ALDA leadership positions and awards can be sent via email to  with a copy emailed to the ALDA office , or they can be faxed to the ALDA office at  (334) 272-7128 .

Join the ALDA Facebook Group

The ALDA Facebook Page group is a great tool to stay in touch and interact with fellow RD colleagues, dietetic interns, and dietetic students around the state. Use it to post comments and discussions that are important and relevant to you and others in our field. Our Facebook group will also keep you up to date on RD activities around Alabama. To join the group, click here.

Follow ALDA on Twitter @eatrightbama 

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Membership Survey 


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Election/Awards Ballot

Dues Renewal

Membership fees are generally due by late May each year. Paying your dues to AND and choosing Alabama as your state affiliate automatically makes you an ALDA member. Go to the AND website to renew/pay your membership: or call 800-877-1600 ext. 5000.

Policy and Procedures Manual

The Policy and Procedures Manual was updated in 2012. Make sure you have the most recent copy.

To view the most recently elected board visit the Leadership Directory.

ALDA Leadership Scholarship Nominee Form

* Required

Member Scholarship


Scholarships to be awarded to two different categories: 
  1. RDs pursuing a Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree
  2. RDs pursuing a Certification (such as the CSSD, Weight Management Certification, etc.) 
Criteria for application:
  1. Active member, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 
    • Copy of Academy membership card must be submitted with application.
    • Copy of active CDR registration number. 
  2. RD must serve as a preceptor or educator for an accredited dietetic internship or Coordinated Program in Dietetics
    • Documentation from Program Director must be submitted with application. 
  3. At least 1 year out from completion date in a Dietetic Internship or Coordinated Program in Dietetics.
    • Copy of transcript showing graduation date must be submitted with application. 
No age restriction 
Scholarship recipients would be required to submit transcripts or statement from a faculty member, or submit documentation of certificate completion.  


Our Bylaws are designed to help our association function in an orderly manner. Click Here to view Bylaws

ALDA's Mentoring Project

Are you a new RD and want to ask questions from a more experienced RD? Or are you thinking about pursuing a different focus in your career and want to ask someone who is already working in that area? Or are you wanting to share your expertise with other RDs?

Check out our new Mentoring Page on the ALDA website. Several RDs in the state have agreed to be mentors for young or new RDs. Their names and areas of expertise are listed, along with contact information.